About Brew Lab Tea


Brew Lab Tea is a NYC-based company that specializes in crafting custom tea blends for restaurants, coffee-shops, hotels, and fast-casual concepts. Brew Lab Tea was founded in 2011 by Jennie Ripps.

We offer innovative tea-based beverage programs that can range from iced tea programs to traditional hot tea service to tea sodas. We ideate and deliver exceptional flavor via excellent ingredients, and every client’s program is unique.

At Brew Lab Tea, we have expertise working with all types of botanicals, and in particular organic ingredients. We use only whole, natural ingredients in our tea blends, and do not add flavors to our tea.

We focus on seasonality and choose to blend with only good, whole, and natural ingredients. Brew Lab Tea offers each of our partners the opportunity to have an authentic and great-tasting tea program that is a true complement to their overall concept.



What We Offer

All programs are custom and all R&D is conducted in-house at our Tea Lab.

  • Tea Consultation regarding blends and overall program
  • Unique tea offerings including crafting bespoke bases for tea sodas, cocktail programs, and syrups
  • Packaging including loose tea, hot tea sachets (biodegradable), iced tea sachets, and enveloped sachets
  • Delivery capabilities include direct or via distributor
  • Training programs for staff
  • POS items including but not limited to: health benefits, wooden tea boxes, display items, and tins


Brew Lab Tea